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Diary of A Muslim

As i was walking through an abandoned town trying to find some content for my YouTube channel, I came across a diary that contained the private life of a Muslim who once lived there. At first,I was hit by excitement but then was soon replaced by guilt for this was a private document I was going through. I decided to try and understand what kind of life this person once led but I was soon met with more questions than answers . Before delving into the diary in its entirety, here is a snapshot from the first 2 pages which in all honesty, left me confused, INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS LOG  05/2017 " Waking up to use the bathroom and immediately a thought or voice saying "disorganized" came up. It seems they don't want me to document their intrusive thoughts "They tried to bait me with nudity by broadcasting it while I slept in the hopes I would act upon those urges when I wake up and search it up. I decided against it by going straight to pray. "Their tactics are weak an