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 Below are photos I took using my Canon EOS Rebel T7. I thought of editing them and adding a bit of glamour to them but they already look glamorous themselves and refrained from editing them. I will give a brief description about each photo and take you on a little journey. Welcome! A Day in Watertown This photos were taken right outside the City Hall of Watertown and it was around 1pm when I came out for lunch from a job I was doing for a local hospital. I wanted to experiment with the camera and an incident happened. I parked my car at the back of the City Hall, a spot reserved for employees of the City and I had a little argument with a lady that worked at the building which ended in her calling the cops on me. At first, my intention was to snap a quick photo or two and get out of there but it didn't work out. I shot a couple of photos after the incident and left, giving me an opportunity to learn more about a City and their civil service. Remember, this is a city where a massiv

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