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Interview with a Cannibal

 "When a man looks at a woman who's attractive and it arouses sexual desires in him, I look at the The Nape Of her Neck and see a meal.One of the reasons I love caressing a woman's hair. It arouses a desire so strong which takes everything in me to control it. I like the feeling of stretching out how long I can keep that desire and then supress it.The smell of her warm blood running in her veins, it drives me crazy...the metallic taste of blood immediately occupies my thoughts which make me salivate. It makes me boil with anticipation. It's like a fever of excitement. The neck is the first part of a woman i look at. I can't help it"

"So when I lower my gaze which takes everything in my soul to do, it is for the benefit of the women near me at that very moment. I have to control myself for their sake and they take it as a sign of me playing hard to get. If they knew how easy it was for me to lure them into my hideout where I would drain them of their blood, they would avoid me like the plague"

" When am seducing my potential meal, sorry . I meant victim. I will first make sure I look presentable and confident and I'll make sure I smell good. Smelling good when next to your potential victim does something to her pysche that makes her blood more tastier later on. I don't wanna get into biological details but you get the point."

“You might wanna know if there are other people involved. Accomplices. Yes there are but rarely do we meet. But I’ll tell you a secret many people don’t know. When I take my victims to the hideout, I present a show for an entity that only show themselves when I bring in my next meal. I enjoy putting on this show for them more than I enjoy sucking on the blood of my victims




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