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Knocking On Al-Fatah's Doors (The Opener)

The moment I came across the following series which go into depth the names of Allah, my life changed for the better. Not only did I grow more intimate towards my Lord, but the amount of joy and sweetness I got out of it is unexplainable. I urge all my readers to go and read the above article and then the series as one of the names that I want to talk about today is Al-Fatah(The opener) and the reasons why I want to share how it changed my life. 

I have been dealing with a mental block for almost 3 years now and although I do not want to complain to other than Allah, I'll try and paint a picture for my audience to understand. I would set my mind to do something like reading a book and I would read it for a couple of pages and then boom, I would put it aside. I would start to feel this immense shadow of tiredness and feelings of procrastination and would therefore stop there. I didn't understand why because I did have the will to do it but the execution would fall short. I would take it up with my Lord in prayer and would call upon His names like Al-Wakil( The Ultimate Trustee) and I would hope for the best.

That was one example of many things that would be put aside over the years but that wasn't the only thing that would happen. I also noticed that I was not enjoying the worshipping like I used to . I used to enjoy doing Dikr of Allah like Tasbeeh and Istiqfar but there was no sweetness to it . My salah had no focus in it like I used to. I would not look forward to praying like I used to and that really bothered me . I was persistent though and although I would slack in my persistent prayers, Allah would constantly remind me to keep asking Him. If you knew how much joy and freedom there is in asking Allah for all your needs and I urge all my readers to practice this form of worship as Allah loves it that we ask Him for all our needs, even salt in our foods . While people go to therapists to talk about their problems and those therapists go to another therapist to talk about how they are feeling by listening to people complain to them, we as Muslims have Allah in our lives to complain to and that is one of the best things for our mental health. Make the sincere intention to ask Allah for something and talk to Him like He is your friend, close friend. If you don’t even know what to ask Him, just tell Him that you don’t know what to ask Him and that He does know your needs better than you.I recently started doing Ruqyah on myself and slowly but surely the blockage started to untangle itself . I have come to now rely on Ruqyah going forward in curing my psychological issues . After all, the Quran is a Mercy and Cure for the believers. So I make sure I read Surah Al Baqara in its entirety every three days or less . I recently came across a Twitter Post that broke down how to effectively read Surah Al Baqara by reading 55 ayahs after each salah. I’ve been falling short of doing this on a regular basis but it’s not going to be a recurring theme going forward In Shaa Allah because now I can get closer to the Quran and get its benefits by making it a daily part of my life. This is a short article describing how Allah helped me unblock a blockage in my life after using His name Al Fatah( The Opener) . I will be using this beautiful name and other names of Allah In Shaa Allah and I ask you all to start doing so yourself. Thank you and let’s pray for each other In Shaa Allah. May Allah preserve you and open the doors of Kheyr for all of you and close the doors of evil as there are many people and things that wish evil upon you out there . Also, read your daily adhkars for protection against evil eye and Jinns. Assalamu Alaikum


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