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What Blue Line? ( Part 1)

 Sergeant Paddy is notoriously known for his anger issuess coupled with his ego on top of a racist and supremecist attitude. Many people do not know that he also deals in drugs and has significant ties to the human trafficking business in his city and state. Buckle up and expect to be filled with rage as this is a story about the dark side of human nature and the power of corruption. Under a bridge on a late afternoon sits Sergeant Paddy and his lapdog Officer Shamrock drinking his coffee while the other smokes a cigarette. This was the spot chosen earlier that day to inspect a load of 'meat' ( a term to describe the women and children trafficked). You would be asking yourself how can such an abhorrent crime be happening in broadlight but don't forget that this man is the head of a unit which by now can be described as a cartel with badges. The city was awash with drugs, crime was skyrocketing and the streets were filled with addicts. 

The head of the Police department,a woman by the name Gabriella who could only be termed as a witch with a position of power, was busy cozying upto government secret agencies to conduct hidden pyschological experiments on innocent unsuspecting citizens and immigrants. With such a character at the head of the Police Department, what did you expect from her subordinates? People started to loose faith in the police department to the point where if an officer said that the sky was blue, no one would believe him until they verified it for themselves that indeed the sky was blue. 

Most of the officers were immature and couldn't control themselves while dealing with the public for example, officer Grey. Officer Grey is believed to have tortured animals like cats and dogs while young as his attitude and behavior was repulsive. You could immediately tell that he was not good person once he graced you with his presence. If you were brave enough to let him know that you didn't feel comfortable around him and didn't like him, he would reply ' the feeling is mutual'. What an immature disgraceful character!. A close friend of Officer Grey recently murdered a young man in cold blood and guess what the department did? They lied about the incident and muddied any tangible evidence that would link the murder back to their officer but the public is aware of their dirty tactics and justice will eventually shine light on the injustices committed by this department.

Let's come back to Paddy and his lapdog, Shamrock who is known to follow blindly his superior who is also of Irish descent and treats him like a father figure. He has daddy issues coupled with a raging alcohol addiction and altruist tendecies which are dangrerous combinations. If he was asked by Paddy to jump, he would immediately do it with no hesitation. Paddy loved him for this and treated him like his lapdog thus why i refer to him as a 'lapdog'. As his accomplices on the other side of the law approach using their fake company truck, Paddy cannot hide his excitement. Let me remind you that this is a man who was once a respected officer of the law but as time went by, the temptations of power, money and influence eroded his moral compass................



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