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  This is the story of a young Muslim man growing up in a futuristic world where there is open hostility towards religion and any other groups that target to disrupt the collective thoughts and agendas of the State.  On a quite Wednesday night, Karim is suddenly jolted from his sleep when he receives a violent impulse that targets his sciatic nerve and makes him 'kick' his leg under his blanket. The night before, he found a way to silence his personal assistant named Natish which is another form of encroached, unfettered spying tool used by the state to keep tabs on its subjects and a way to disrupt and induce sleep deprivation on anyone by the State. Karim has been under Remote Neural Monitoring for the past few months when he suddenly expressed his hatred for the current regime and its authoritarian and Islamophobic policies. Remote Neural Monitoring is a form of neuroimaging technology that is capable of extracting electrical activity from the human brain at a distance with

Rule 1, Never Quit.Rule 2, Remember Rule 1

I remember vividly the first day I started the IT training program a few months ago . It was a day full of hope for the future, some hesitation towards committing a full time schedule and some sort of fear for failing to achieve what I set out to achieve. I did know what I wanted to get out of this program, I had it clearly printed in my mind but I let it take its own path, it’s own shape to materialize. I decided to go with the flow and be always ready to take action when things weren’t going as expected. It was a way for me to put tawakul in practice and as I would soon realize, I was being lazy with the idea of Tawakul( Reliance on Allah) In the beginning, i realized that I will have to fight my Nafs day and night to make it through. After the 1st day, there was not a day that I didn’t want to sleep and not go to class. Everyday after the first day, I would wake up groggy but I would still get up and get ready for class. I would be in class even if late a few minutes. Better late th


I have always thought about the population of earth as it points to the fact that there is a Lord who sustains all these people and creatures living at any given moment. To me, I have this unrelenting feeling and question of where I stand in amongst all these people. You see, the amount of people living is small compared to the amount of people who have died. There have been countless people since Adam ( AS) who have lived their life whether doing good or in shirk, have had needs, emotions, thoughts , aspirations, dreams, fears and every other thing life encompasses. Now, where do I stand amongs all those dead, living and to come?  This is the question that not only humbles me but makes me scared. It makes me 'selfish' as I am only thinking about myself in this context. Where will I stand on the Day of Judgement? Where am I in the sight of Allah? This question takes away any pride or ego or any sell-importance one has when contemplated upon. There were many better people than m