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What Blue Line? ( Part 1)

 Sergeant Paddy is notoriously known for his anger issuess coupled with his ego on top of a racist and supremecist attitude. Many people do not know that he also deals in drugs and has significant ties to the human trafficking business in his city and state. Buckle up and expect to be filled with rage as this is a story about the dark side of human nature and the power of corruption. Under a bridge on a late afternoon sits Sergeant Paddy and his lapdog Officer Shamrock drinking his coffee while the other smokes a cigarette. This was the spot chosen earlier that day to inspect a load of 'meat' ( a term to describe the women and children trafficked). You would be asking yourself how can such an abhorrent crime be happening in broadlight but don't forget that this man is the head of a unit which by now can be described as a cartel with badges. The city was awash with drugs, crime was skyrocketing and the streets were filled with addicts.  The head of the Police department,a wo

A New Friend

I have a new friend with whom I cannot be easily separated from. This friend is a friend who cures my loneliness, my anxiety and quenches my thirst for Worldly Love. This friend takes my earthly and lowly focus and turns it to a never ending quest to the Hereafter. This friend calibrates my focus in ways unimaginable. The more desire from an outside force that aims to separate us, the more this friend fights it and wins against it and thus not only restores our relationship but solidifies it. This friend truly fights for me daily against all sorts of evils and enemies. But my lowly soul sometimes does not acknowledge the efforts of this new friend, the potential this new friend can add to my life, the joy this new friend can bring into my life, the light this new friend can illuminate into my life. I am aware of this ungrateful attitude and I aim to change It to a more gratitude filled relationship. Can you imagine that this new friend rescued my soul from great confusion and I haven’t

Knocking On Al-Fatah's Doors (The Opener)

The moment I came across the following series which go into depth the nam es of Allah, my life changed for the better. Not only did I grow more intimate towards my Lord, but the amount of joy and sweetness I got out of it is  unexplainable. . I urge all my readers to go and read the above article and then the series as one of the names that I want to talk about today is Al-Fatah(The opener) and the reasons why I want to share how it changed my life.  I have been dealing with a mental block for almost 3 years now and although I do not want to complain to other than Allah, I'll try and paint a picture for my audience to understand. I would set my mind to do something like reading a book and I would read it for a couple of pages and then boom, I would put it aside. I would start to feel this immense shadow of tiredness and feelings of procrastination and would therefore stop there. I didn't understand why