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 This is a summary of the Friday Khutbah( Sermon) on 18/11/2022 I woke up late that Friday morning as I slept late but that didn't deter me from making the most of my Friday. I immediately started praying Fajr and then recited Surah Al- Kahf in it's entirety. I then went to the nearby coffee shop and started doing some work, finishing up some blogs, creating sites and all that good stuff. When it was time to get ready, I was excited and happy that I was going to the mosque. This is a beautiful feeling that cannot be described and has to be experienced personally. May Allah attach our hearts to His Houses. Ameen.  As I neared the mosque, I was stopped by an old Pakistani man who was looking for the directions to the nearest mosque. I gladly helped him find his way and we chatted along the way on different topics including how expensive it is to live in today's world compared to his when growing up. Taking this man to the mosque made my day more enjoyable as I was a conduit f


This is a poem about a man who is not made for this world, signs everywhere for him to see but he still clings to it  Every turn is a painful reminder, To remember to forget this world, Every turn he looks for an excuse, An excuse to entertain this world, The more he yearns, the more the pain, The pain of loosing something dear,  Something he was never meant to have in the first place, The sleepless nights serve a purpose, A purpose to pursue his real purpose, His purpose is the Absolute Reality, Yet he wants to chase a fantasy, A fleeting moment of joy, Does he not realize there is an eternal joy, He is busy chasing a fantasy, Which escapes him like the fleeting time of reality, How long does he have to lie to himself? How long before he awakens, Awakens to the absolute Reality, A reality that doesn't slumber,  An eternal, absolute reality A reality he wished he served, A reality he wished he nurtured, A reality that calls to bolster, A reality that aims to be his salvation, If on


 Continuation of the experimenting with change through the Quran series. As you remember from the blog Experimenting with Change, I started Quran memorization as a way of changing some of my bad habits, shedding off most of my emotional anguish due to my sins and generally seeking a sustainable, noble way of living my day to day life. After researching and implementing different methods, reading and memorizing the Quran is the only option that ticked every box and kept me in check. Like a rein, it would stop me from sinning and like a gentle breeze of wind, it would delight me. It would reassure me like a caring friend it is, it would light up my path like the full moon and it would change my ambitions from the lowly to the high. It's been 3 weeks of implementing this change and it feels like a lifetime because it's become my habit now which I am grateful for, Alhamdulillah.  To anyone struggling, needing a confidant, seeking guidance, seeking to change his/her bad habits, want


Do you all remember the year 2020 when we all stared down the barrel of a deadly virus ? Do you all remember how it upended our normal routines and confined us to our homes? Negative thoughts are associated with Covid 19 and for good reason. There were many deaths, loss of income, loneliness and the mental challenges that came with the virus. These negative outcomes were supposed to be an eye-opening situation for a Muslim and a source of motivation and positive outcome and Alhamdulillah, a lot of Muslims took advantage of these signs and turned to the only place to turn to, Allah ( S.W.T) This is my story of how the Coronavirus epidemic turned my life for the better and how I built a beautiful relationship with my Lord and got to know Him dearly and intimately like I never knew Him before. You see, we needed this Virus to upend our normal routines and change the world we live in and how we viewed it. I say 'need' because we may want something or not want something and be not g


   FRIDAY KHUTBAH ON SELF-REFINEMENT(12/11/2022) Before I share the lesson I learnt from the Khutbah( Sermon) on Friday, I would like to share with you the kind of day it was and its significance in my life. This was a Friday that was close to as 'perfect' as it gets and its journey started almost 4 months ago. I enrolled in an IT program that required me to be present 5 days a week including Friday from 9am-4pm with lunch being from 12-1pm. This made going to Friday sermons in the mosque impossible and it bothered me a lot. I had to wait for the program to end which lasted for 3 months before being able to go to the mosque. The graduation day was on a Friday at 10 am, which would give me ample time to graduate and go to the mosque, but I didn't make it for the sermon. I came in when the prayer was about to start and the reason is because of my procrastination. I cannot recall a Friday except yesterday's that I was in time for the beginning of the Khutbah( sermon). Proc


  What are my aspirations for the week, month and year? I started a Quran memorization challenge a week  ago and would like to share what I have found out. First of all, I would like to express my deepest regret for not making the Quran a daily part of my life. The Quran is truly a medicine for the heart, a companion and a guiding light for anyone who makes it part of his/her daily life. These are some of the things I have noticed during this week of the Quran challenge; A) My mind is occupied with the Quran The Quran is on my mind almost throughout the whole day and the benefits of this is the fact that I worry less, the Quran is becoming my source of dopamine instead of the phone or any other source, I look forward to memorizing the next verse and this acts as a source of happiness and a way of chasing a 'high' that comes from the sweetness of reciting the Quran and memorizing a verse. This is the dopamine I seem to enjoy seeking which is a beautiful thing and a big improveme