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What are my aspirations for the week, month and year?

I started a Quran memorization challenge a week  ago and would like to share what I have found out. First of all, I would like to express my deepest regret for not making the Quran a daily part of my life. The Quran is truly a medicine for the heart, a companion and a guiding light for anyone who makes it part of his/her daily life. These are some of the things I have noticed during this week of the Quran challenge;

A) My mind is occupied with the Quran

The Quran is on my mind almost throughout the whole day and the benefits of this is the fact that I worry less, the Quran is becoming my source of dopamine instead of the phone or any other source, I look forward to memorizing the next verse and this acts as a source of happiness and a way of chasing a 'high' that comes from the sweetness of reciting the Quran and memorizing a verse. This is the dopamine I seem to enjoy seeking which is a beautiful thing and a big improvement in my life. 

B) A medicine for the heart

The Quran is a medicine for the heart and cures all types of illnesses of fahisha. The Quran makes me at ease and content because no matter what rushing or intrusive thought that might go through my mind while reading the Quran, it always seems like the next verse will reassure me and give me comfort. Is there any other book in the world that directly talks to someone like the Quran? Is there any other book that makes you feel like its revealed only for you?

C) The Quran is a companion and a guiding light

The Quran is quickly becoming my companion instead of the phone which everyone is addicted to nowadays. I will be walking somewhere and I would have a Quran in my pocket and instead of bringing out the phone, which am still trying to get rid off, the pocket -sized Quran would come out and I would be reading it and memorizing it until I got to my destination. I will also be riding a bicycle , which by the way, am an avid cyclist, and I would be reading the Quran that I have so far memorized. This takes everything out of my mind and only gives me something to focus on. The Quran is a guiding light that protects the believer from sinning and is a reminder of the consequences and the rewards of either sinning or refraining from it. 

So far, this has been an eye opening week and I have learnt a lot. As someone who has been experimenting with change for a while, I do not know why I didn't start with the easiest which is the Quran and the sunnah of Prophet Mohamed (SAW). I will be sharing my results with you for the upcoming weeks and the changes I have adopted and the bad habits I have gotten rid of. So far, I have memorized 4 surahs and I aim to memorize the 28th Juuz by the end of next week In Shaa Allah. I did finish the Quran once before but that was more than 10 years ago and a lot has changed in that time. The Quran needs daily reading and reflecting upon and I intend to make this my way of life going forward In Shaa Allah. I ask Allah to make it easy for me and every other Muslim who is trying to memorize the Quran and help us make it part of our daily life. Ameen

This will be an ongoing series In Shaa Allah!!


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