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Photo Dump

 Below are photos I took using my Canon EOS Rebel T7. I thought of editing them and adding a bit of glamour to them but they already look glamorous themselves and refrained from editing them. I will give a brief description about each photo and take you on a little journey. Welcome! A Day in Watertown This photos were taken right outside the City Hall of Watertown and it was around 1pm when I came out for lunch from a job I was doing for a local hospital. I wanted to experiment with the camera and an incident happened. I parked my car at the back of the City Hall, a spot reserved for employees of the City and I had a little argument with a lady that worked at the building which ended in her calling the cops on me. At first, my intention was to snap a quick photo or two and get out of there but it didn't work out. I shot a couple of photos after the incident and left, giving me an opportunity to learn more about a City and their civil service. Remember, this is a city where a massiv

Early Morning Boston Skyline( Update)

 It's 6:20am, the sun has risen broadcasting and enveloping everything with its magnificence. The air is warm, not humid but just at the perfect range. A deep feeling of hope resonates within you as a new day has dawned. The orange hue of the sky adds an extra layer of warmth and happiness to all that stop to gaze at it but most don't. People are in a rush to get to their sustenance not realizing the source of their sustenance is right above them. Some are excercising with the belief that it'll make them feel better which is true but the source of the calmness and peace of mind they seek is right above them. Then there's me who suddenly stopped while racing home as I had just pulled an all nighter and asked myself, 'What's the rush?' I parked my car and pulled out my camera and I shot these above clips. Enjoy! Show some love and support by subscribing to my YouTube Channel; I decided to delete the You