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 Before we talk about the kind of people that run these programs, let's talk about the program Karim was placed in and its effects on his life and the lives of those around him. Karim was targeted with Military-grade weapons used for torture programs like the one he was placed in. What constitutes Torture in Karim's case? His torture comprised of Mind-Reading, Mind-Control, Central Nervous Control, 24/7 Tracking anywhere, Organized Gang-Stalking, Voices to Skull commonly known as V2K( Its a form of deception that utilizes beaming abusive voices into the subject's head bypassing the ear thus confusing them and think they are running mad) and Physical Harassment/Injury through Directed Energy Weapons( DEW). All these are 'no touch'/ Covert' and are remotely operated and leave the minimum evidence or none at all and are satellite based. Karim's situation was precarious due to him being a Muslim and also being from a military family that continues to wield signi