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 Continuation of the experimenting with change through the Quran series.

As you remember from the blog Experimenting with Change, I started Quran memorization as a way of changing some of my bad habits, shedding off most of my emotional anguish due to my sins and generally seeking a sustainable, noble way of living my day to day life. After researching and implementing different methods, reading and memorizing the Quran is the only option that ticked every box and kept me in check. Like a rein, it would stop me from sinning and like a gentle breeze of wind, it would delight me. It would reassure me like a caring friend it is, it would light up my path like the full moon and it would change my ambitions from the lowly to the high. It's been 3 weeks of implementing this change and it feels like a lifetime because it's become my habit now which I am grateful for, Alhamdulillah. 

To anyone struggling, needing a confidant, seeking guidance, seeking to change his/her bad habits, want to implement concrete changes in their lives, wants to shed off the emotional baggage of today's world, nothing is more fulfilling and rewarding than the Quran. Highly ambitions in  my opinion start with the Words of Allah and it's pursuit to learn , memorize and implement it in our daily lives.  The Quran has become my way of relaxing after a long day, my bedtime routine as I end the night by reading it. I am in the process of establishing a morning routine where I pray tahajud, The 2 Sunnah rakats before Fajr and praying Fajr itself then reciting the morning Adkhar and then the Quran. So far , it’s been a hit or miss routine where some days I’ll be able to do that and some days I’ll find myself waking late for Fajr . This is something i am in the process of changing In shaa Allah. 

My only advice is that , before you do anything in life be it wanting to change your life , do a course, get a job , always make a sincere intention as every action and deed starts with an intention. A sincere intention for the sake of Allah is enough to change your life in ways you never imagined. That’s my only advice and I ask Allah to always make us sincere in his worship , have sincere intentions and make us a model for the generations to come. Ameen

The Quran memorization has inspired me to start an Islamic Essentials Certificate Program that has over 40+ Courses which is a self-paced online program In Shaa Allah. Below are some of the courses in this program;
  1. Introduction to the Quran ( an introductory course providing an overview of the Quranic Sciences( Ulum- al- Quran)
  2. Riyad al-Salihin ( An Inspiring course covering select chapters of the famous Hadith text Riyad al- Salihin)
  3. Sunan Abi Dawud ( A study of the Book of Knowledge from Imam Abu Dawud's compilation)
  4. Names of Allah ( A unique online course covering the Names of Allah with their meaning and how to best supplicate with them
And many more!!

The Quran Inspires action and thirst for knowledge like no other self- help book out there. It's unique in it's motivation as it clearly and directly speaks to you. What are you waiting for? Take the most interesting, noble chapter of your life by making the Quran your Friend and implement it in your daily life. It all starts with a sincere intention and prayer and action to start this journey. May Allah make it easy for all Muslims to make the Quran part of our daily lives, Ameen
 Islamic Essentials Certificate Program


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