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A New Friend
I have a new friend with whom I cannot be easily separated from. This friend is a friend who cures my loneliness, my anxiety and quenches my thirst for Worldly Love. This friend takes my earthly and lowly focus and turns it to a never ending quest to the Hereafter. This friend calibrates my focus in ways unimaginable. The more desire from an outside force that aims to separate us, the more this friend fights it and wins against it and thus not only restores our relationship but solidifies it. This friend truly fights for me daily against all sorts of evils and enemies. But my lowly soul sometimes does not acknowledge the efforts of this new friend, the potential this new friend can add to my life, the joy this new friend can bring into my life, the light this new friend can illuminate into my life. I am aware of this ungrateful attitude and I aim to change It to a more gratitude filled relationship. Can you imagine that this new friend rescued my soul from great confusion and I haven’t yet fully thanked him for it? What an ungrateful soul I am, right? This friend is a friend everyone should aspire to have but only comes to those whose souls actively seek him out . This friend is always close, waiting to be your eternal companion but we pay no attention to him as we mindlessly scroll through our phones. We should start paying more attention to this new friend because he has secrets he reveals only to his closest companions. He has cures to our pyschological issues, our worries and anxieties. This friend will show you how to channel those worries and anxieties into the proper channel and gain not only relief, but blessings and rewards. This new friend puts a unique personalized mark on every hate filled, jealous enemy thus making the process of identifying, easy. After this friend helps you identify said hate filled person, he will ward off their evil. This new friend is Surah Al Baqara and I implore everyone to recite this Surah on a regular basis as we live in a digital age where our pictures can get the attention of evil eye on social media. 


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