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I have always thought about the population of earth as it points to the fact that there is a Lord who sustains all these people and creatures living at any given moment. To me, I have this unrelenting feeling and question of where I stand in amongst all these people. You see, the amount of people living is small compared to the amount of people who have died. There have been countless people since Adam ( AS) who have lived their life whether doing good or in shirk, have had needs, emotions, thoughts , aspirations, dreams, fears and every other thing life encompasses. Now, where do I stand amongs all those dead, living and to come? 

This is the question that not only humbles me but makes me scared. It makes me 'selfish' as I am only thinking about myself in this context. Where will I stand on the Day of Judgement? Where am I in the sight of Allah? This question takes away any pride or ego or any sell-importance one has when contemplated upon. There were many better people than me, there are currently many better people than me and there will come many better people than me. So where do I stand amongst all those billions upon billions of people? 

So how do I comfort myself from this unrelenting but yet good thought? I find comfort in the fact that we are all from Allah and to Him we will all return to. I find comfort in the fact that, I have been brought to this earth to worship Allah and to get to know my creator and Lord in an intimate way. Everyone has had this chance before for those who are no more, we have this chance for those living now and the future generations of people will also have this chance to get to know their Lord. 

After taking all these into considerations, I can then put myself in a place amongst all these people. i find myself on a road, a road everyone goes through. The road that leads only to Allah. I can try my best and work for my akhira while alive, hope for the Mercy of Allah when I stand in front of Him on Judgement Day. That takes away the worry and gives me a solution. But the thought is really important to me for whenever I forget my purpose or get lost in the day to day hussle and bussle of life, it can pull me back into reality which is to worship Allah the best way I can. I ask Allah to grant us good in this world and the hereafter and preserve us and protect us, Ameen


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