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What is Writer's Block?

Writer's block is a common and frustrating problem for many writers. The definition of writer's block is when you have trouble coming up with ideas or words to write, even though you know what should be written. Writer's block can happen at any time during the writing process--when you're trying to figure out what to write about, when you're stuck in the middle of writing something and can't think of anything else to say, or even after finishing your piece because there are still some things that need fixing. I have been dealing with the following symptoms for the past few weeks.

Common symptoms that I experienced include:

You feel like your brain has shut down and nothing comes out when trying to write something new;

I have an effective way of dealing with the feeling of a shutdown brain which is do lots of Dhikr( Remembrance of Allah) and I urge every Muslim to take advantage of one of the most beneficial blessings in our life as Muslims. Pick up the Quran, do lots of Istighfar, SubhanAllah and so on and see the difference. 

You have no desire or motivation to sit down at the computer and start typing because everything feels like too much effort ;

This has been one of the major issues that has affected me for a while and Alhamdulillah, am getting past it. This Ramadan has been an eye opening experience where all my priorities and focus have been slowly shifting and now more than ever, am motivated to seek a blessed routine and seek Allah's pleasure and in turn Allah will open doors for me In Shaa Allah.

You feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities available for topics/topics that interest you

I do have many things that interest me but sometimes I overthink about certain topics that I barely write anything. Sometimes I might be interested in a certain topic but then the thought of maybe not being knowledgeable enough to write about it stalls the process then slowly I focus on something else and forget about it. 

Tips for Overcoming Writer's Block

Take a break

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and give your brain some time to rest. If you're feeling stuck, give yourself permission to put the project aside for a few days or weeks before returning to it again.

Change your environment. 

If you're stuck at home with nothing but the same four walls around you, try going somewhere new where there are different sights and sounds--like taking an afternoon walk through the park or visiting a museum on Saturday morning before heading off for errands around town.*

Try a different writing style:

 If writing in first person (I/me) isn't working for you right now, try using second person (you). Or if third person seems more appealing than first person but still doesn't quite hit the mark when it comes down to actually putting words on paper (or screen), try switching back again so that all three perspectives are represented in some way within each post.

 Practice free writing: 

This exercise involves writing without stopping until something comes out that feels good enough--even if it's not necessarily coherent yet! You might even find yourself surprised by what comes out after doing this exercise regularly over time.

Get creative: 

Write about something unconventional like how much money would be needed before someone would consider themselves rich enough; what kind of animal would represent each planet in our solar system; or even just describe what makes them happy about being alive today? These types of topics can help get those creative juices flowing again after being blocked up for too long

Get feedback from others:

 Sometimes we need outside perspective when trying figure out why something isn't working well enough yet - especially since sometimes our own eyes aren't good enough at seeing where things could use improvement! Friends who know us well enough not only provide helpful suggestions but also let us know when something sounds boring/uninteresting/etcetera

Long-Term Strategies for Avoiding Writer's Block

Long-term strategies for avoiding writer's block include:

Developing a writing routine. If you can, try to set aside time each day or week to write in your blog. This will help ensure that you don't let too much time pass between posts and will also keep the creative juices flowing when inspiration strikes.

Establishing a writing space. If possible, find somewhere quiet where distractions are limited and set up shop there every day (or at least most days). Your office or home desk might work best if those are available; otherwise, try finding another quiet place where no one else will bother or distract you while working on your blog post(s).


Writer's block is a common problem, but with the right strategies it can be overcome.

Take breaks

Change your environment

Practice free writing

Get feedback from others (or even yourself) to see if what you're writing makes sense and flows well.

If you've been stuck on a piece for more than a few days or weeks, consider getting some fresh eyes on it. If you have friends who are writers and/or editors, ask them if they'd be willing to look over your work--they might be able to spot issues that have been hiding in plain sight all along!


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