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Major Blog Changes

Having a blog was something I never considered growing up and the idea of having a journal seemed childish to me. Life is about change and my opinions about journal

ing have changed as it’s now a major part of my life . I first intended this blog to be about my daily life and it’s joy and struggles but I want to change that and make it a collective experience. I want this blog to be about as many people as possible, their views , opinions and passions. This is why I have decided to invite as many people as possible to my blog and let them share their writings with the rest of the world through a safe space . if you would like to contribute to this blog and share your ideas, please let me know by posting a comment with your email and I will get back to you. I will also be offering financial incentives for each post you write through this blog. This is your chance to earn a little extra income on the side while writing. All I ask is to be authentic in your writings and not just copy and paste from Chatgpt. 


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What Blue Line ( The Witch)

  This is the story of the woman who was just known as the 'Witch' instead of her name Gabriella, the head of the Police Department of the City of Hagora. A city once celebrated for innovation and technology now harbors a sinister secret.  Let me describe to you the character of this woman by the nickname The Witch. She has no feminine qualities you would typically find in women nor does she have any masculine qualities. She’s in a state of limbo , always in doubt of herself as she knows what she is involved in is wrong . No amount of makeup can hide the ugliness of her soul projected on her face. She has no sincere bone in her body and even her children are repulsed by her character. She is double faced in her dealings with the residents of her city she polices. She is a master of deception,playing a double game with the unsuspecting residents she's meant to protect. She is involved in dark magic and uses it against people that she doesn’t like. She has access to their DNA

What Blue Line? ( Part 1)

 Sergeant Paddy is notoriously known for his anger issuess coupled with his ego on top of a racist and supremecist attitude. Many people do not know that he also deals in drugs and has significant ties to the human trafficking business in his city and state. Buckle up and expect to be filled with rage as this is a story about the dark side of human nature and the power of corruption. Under a bridge on a late afternoon sits Sergeant Paddy and his lapdog Officer Shamrock drinking his coffee while the other smokes a cigarette. This was the spot chosen earlier that day to inspect a load of 'meat' ( a term to describe the women and children trafficked). You would be asking yourself how can such an abhorrent crime be happening in broadlight but don't forget that this man is the head of a unit which by now can be described as a cartel with badges. The city was awash with drugs, crime was skyrocketing and the streets were filled with addicts.  The head of the Police department,a wo

Spare a Few Minutes to listen to the Quran

  Have you read the Quran today?